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Photos of bad tattoos



Bon Jovi Tattoo Fail

Indeed it is, and from what we’ve seen so far, you’re wasting it.

Shit Happens Tattoo

We are going to make an exception to our regularly posted tats and give you an awesome one.  Oh well Kristina, looks like our boy has moved on.

Baby Portrait Not Even Close

  Instead of the ax welding mad man chasing me around in my nightmares, I’ll have this person’s baby giving me those pants shitting freak outs.

But Slut Tattoo

At least that saves you from having to ask if she’s into it.

Bad Child Portrait Tattoo

Daddy’s little angel you say?

Full Face Prison Tattoo

There is a slight chance that his post-prison work prospects will be slightly impaired.

Unicorn in Jello

Well, you can’t fault the person for creativity.

White Boy Swag Tatoo

Figure the odds that he won’t regret that tat.

Bad Beetlejuice Tattoo

Nyan Cat Tattoo

Internet memes are guaranteed to expire but regret over a nyan cat tattoo is forever.

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