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Photos of bad tattoos



Pac Man Finger Tattoo

For you serious gamers you can emblazon Pac Man on your fists.

Bad Spelling Tattoo

Sadly, there are no tattoo guns with spell check.

Hello Kitty and Pikachu Tattoo

Hello kitty and Pikachu tattoo.

Drew Has Bowling Tattoo

Talk about dedication to a hobby.

Wayne and Garth Tattoo

I foresee socks in this lady’s future.

Pedobear Tattoo

Sure looks like a Pedobear Tattoo to me. Good luck with that whole career thing.

Knuckle Head with Flames Tattoo

Nothing accentuates an admission of the truth like flames. Rock on my knuckle headed tattooed friend.

Creepy Bear Tattoo

I doubt the guy was going for photo realism in this tattoo but there is just something creepy about it.

Suicide Bomber Tatoo

Just in case you want to make a joke at the air port, since they’ve got a sense of humor and all… Nothing says poor life choices like a suicide bomber tattoo.

Sistine Chapel Adam and Spaghetti and Meatballs God Tatoo

Getting a tattoo of a scene the Sistine Chapel I can understand but making god a lump of spaghetti and meatballs. Hmmm… It’s sacralicious.

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