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Care Bear Fudgetown Tattoo

I guess Care Bear sprouting a rainbow with the words fudgetown in it could be interpreted as either a whimsical throwback to youth or extremely gay. You’re choice.

Bad Mom Tattoo

I don’t know about you but does is mom look like a balding Pee Wee Herman?

Bad Pin Up Babe Tattoo

Maybe this guy was going for a Marilyn Monroe with down syndrome look.

Drunk Snowman Peeing Tattoo

Well if you thought that your idea for a drunken snowman peeing on himself tattoo well, this guy has you beat.

Bad Parents Tattoo

I have a feeling that dad isn’t going to be too flattered by this bad tattoo.

Weird T-Bone Steak Tattoo


Christopher Walken Tattoo

I’m a big Christopher Walken fan so seeing this portrait tattoo of him is sad on so many different levels.

Elvis Pez Dispenser Tattoo

Have you ever thought that it would be cool to have an Elvis Pez dispenser? Well this should end that idea pretty damn fast. Nice likeness of the King though.

Mr. T Tattoo

I pitty the fool that gets this tattoo.

McDonalds Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Getting your marketing through to the younger generation is getting harder and hard. Props to Mickey D’s for thinking out side the box. Or at least a couple inches north of it.

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